Consultant Management Services

Photo of pen, glasses and calculator on a newspaperFor many smaller Associations, full-time professional management simply cannot fit into the budget and isn't needed. These Associations rely upon the generosity and talent of their homeowners.

Managing an association's affairs can be an involved and daunting task. Circumstances may arise where the community will require specialized assistance - the kind we are able to provide through personal consultation.

How may we help your association?

Below are some case histories of how we helped other associations like yours:

Dues Collection
Urbanwood was contacted by a single family home association. Their greatest issue was a homeowner who was several years and several thousand dollars delinquent. Previous attempts at collection hadn't panned out. Urbanwood hired a competent lawyer who specialized in Common Interest Community law. He drew up and filed lien papers and sent the appropriate notice to the homeowner. Once the homeowner understood that we meant business and were not going to go away he paid up in full--within three months.
Unruly Meetings
A townhome community had had a long tradition of holding disorderly and unproductive annual meetings. Urbanwood provided the Board of Directors with document templates and general advice about the order of the meeting, roles of the participants and rules of conduct. The next meeting was run in a business-like manner with Board and homeowners alike expressing a high level of satisfaction as to how the meeting transpired and the items accomplished. The association came away with an appreciation for the value of an organized and well-run meeting.
Large Projects
With a large improvement project on the horizon, a condominium association hired Urbanwood to oversee the project. Urbanwood assisted the Board in developing a scope of the project and several avenues for funding it. Coordinating with a third party architect, Urbanwood developed project specifications so as to generate a Request for Proposal. The RFP was put out to bid with multiple contractors. The Board selected a contractor. Notice of the project and timely progress reports were delivered by Urbanwood to the Board and to the homeowners. The project was successfully undertaken and completed on time and at the agreed upon price.
Minutes and Budgets
A Board president of a very small (four units) condominium called Urbanwood for advice on how to take meeting minutes and produce a budget. To her delight, we informed her that minutes need not be a transcript. Minutes require mention of a date and time, Board members present and any action taken. (example: "Motion made and seconded to approve xyz landscaping company per its proposal. Motion carried on a voice vote".) Given financial information provided by the president, Urbanwood produced a budget proposal which met the requirements of state law and satisfied the needs of the association.
Insurance Claims
A burst water pipe caused damage to several units in a townhome community. Urbanwood was hired to help with the insurance adjustment. We contacted the association's insurance carrier to start the claims process. Urbanwood served as the contact point between them, the homeowners' personal insurance carriers and the contractor selected by the Board to provide the restoration work. We assisted the Board in determining how to apply the deductible, based upon a review of the association's governing documents and state law. The happy result was that all affected units were returned to normal and the association didn't spend any money that wasn't recoverable.

These are only some of the ways we are called to service. Please give us a call or drop us a line to discuss your needs.