Community Association Management

Why Urbanwood?

Urbanwood prides itself on its hands-on, personal service to its clients. We keep our business close enough so that we recognize each one of our homeowners by name. We specialize in smaller townhome and condominium communities.

Our goal as Management is to help foster an environment wherein owners may realize the highest possible living experience. In partnership with your Boards of Directors, we strive to obtain nothing less than the greatest possible enjoyment of one's home and community property.

To better support these aims, Urbanwood offers COMPREHENSIVE and CONSULTANT Management

As standard practice, Urbanwood maintains an active real estate brokers license and one million dollar fidelity insurance coverage. These documents are in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to read them.

We are available 24/7 for emergency matters but we also encourage homeowners to contact us with
their questions, complaints, comments and suggestions at any time.